What did some of our customers say? 

“Thanks Fresh Bakes for the lovely cake! My son and the cake were the talk of the day! Thank you for making my boy’s meaningful for us!”


“Thanks again for the awesome cake! I’m loving the look of it!”



“The children and my girl loved the cupcakes!”



“Thank you so much for making Children’s Day such a special occasion to my kids!”



“Thank you so much for the lovely cupcakes which received many compliments from my pupils. Not only were the cupcakes nicely decorated, they also tasted wonderful.”



“I would also like to take this chance to thank you for being so patient with my numerous requests to create this personalised gift for my pupils.”

 -School Teacher


 ”Hi Fresh Bakes, my son Ted loves your train cake design very much. He can’t wait to take the train down. His birthday was made special thanks to your great efforts in making such a lovely, detailed cake. My guest also has many praises n compliments for the cake. Thank u !”



 ”Hi Fresh Bakes, My whole family loves the 3D cake you made! My son loves the design and my family enjoys the moist chocolate cake. Thumbs up!”



“Hi Fresh Bakes, many thanks for the nice 3D Car design cake and the cupcakes. Both of them tasted as yummy as they looked. Even my hubby who is usually particular about cakes said that they are good. Keep up the good work!”



“Hi Fresh Bakes, thanks for allowing me to purchase the sample pieces of cupcakes.”


“My Choice: Moist choco cupcake with Berry cream!”



“Thumbs up!”


 ”Hi mummies, really have to try her cupcakes!!”



 ”Hi Fresh Bakes, Thanks for the lovely 2D volleyball cake! My friend loves it a lot!”



 ”Hi freshbakes, just wanna let u know that we enjoyed the cake and Dr Lee loves the design! Well done!!”



 ”I am very pleased with the  cake design from Fresh Bakes. My son enjoyed the cake so much with his cousins, uncles and aunties. The choc chocolate cake is rich and yummy too.”



 ”The Confinement cupcakes were a good mix of east meets west. Oriental flavour! Thumbs up! I love it!”